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Guidelines on Saving Money with Tax Planning

These days be it an individual or corporate world, people must follow certain compliances related to income tax. It certainly is not easy to use different strategies and save money on taxes. Rather, it needs expertise in tax consulting and planning since the task itself is technical and time-bound. With different compliances of income tax that has become stringent and needs to be finished online, individuals should take every step carefully. That is why given below are some effective guidelines that shall work for beginners always.

What exactly is tax planning?

Tax planning if done properly can help the individual to save money. It’s not just availing deductions but a person can plan the investments and finances very well. This way tax burden will not be high in the initial place. But it is not enough to just know which tax needs to be paid. One needs to understand the fact that finalizing tax returns is a complex process, especially for beginners. Individuals may feel that taking tax consulting and planning services is not needed. But the government always introduces different changes in laws associated with tax and offers new exceptions too. This can lead to more challenges for the individual taxpayers while navigating the whole tax filing process

Know the objectives of Tax Planning

For any individual tax consulting and planning plays an important role to secure the finances in a better way. If there is less tax liability, it means there will not be much burden on the individual. They can plan well on achieving the financial goal and fulfilling their respective needs. Also, listed are some other objectives of tax planning:

  • Productive investment
  • Litigation minimization
  • Reduced tax liability
  • Economic stability
  • Growth of economy

Taking tax consultant’s help

Save more tax: With appropriate tax consultation and planning, an individual can gain better tax benefits. This increases the possibility to save more income which can further be used for different investment opportunities. It would not just generate better returns but financial goals can also be achieved.

Time Saver: There is no doubt that the tax returns filing process is a time-consuming task especially for first-time users. The experts, in this case, can help in saving time and ensuring certain deadlines are not missed out. Since the submission is done on time, the biggest worry of meeting the deadline ends too.

Tax Compliances:  There are numerous ways to lessen down the tax liability. However, it is equally important for the person to be well versed with the laws to claim the deductions rightly. In such a scenario, a tax consultant will use all the possible acquired knowledge and experience of current tax reforms to ensure tax liability is reduced.

Steps to start with Tax Planning:

To start with planning on tax-saving requires the right strategies to be taken on time. If things are well planned then it should not be challenging for the person to save money.

  • Consider overall income:

This should be the initial stage to go ahead with tax planning. These individual needs to assess overall monthly and animal income and then take the next step into account.

  • Taxable aspects of the income should be evaluated:

Whether it is rent allowances or housing, it needs to be added to the salary at the top of the base pay which is not taxable. Along with this, profits earned from the investment can also be added to the taxable income. That is why a clear understanding of the taxable income is a must so that further planning can be done.

  • Deductions can help in reducing the overall income taxable:

For this structure the salary and accurate investment planning. Suppose, the interest earned from the fixed deposit is taxed at the rate of income tax whereas the debt fund which is being helped for certain years will be taxed at 25%. This means individuals who fall in the bracket of 30% tax against the income taxable of more than 10 lakhs can have the debt funds as a better tax-friendly choice.


Along with the tips shared above, if the person is not aware of some new updates on taxable income, it is the tax consulting and planning that can be helpful. With expert advice, a person can be stress-free about the overall amount that shall be reduced as a part of the tax.

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