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Warning Signs You Should Hire a Professional Roofer

Despite the high quality of your roof, it can never last forever. Unfortunately, most homeowners wait for too long before looking for roofers near me. That only triggers more damage. To prevent the adverse effects of worn-out roofs, learn signs that can help you detect problems earlier. Roof repairing can be very expensive, but you can avoid all that if you watch out for the following signs;


The durability of a roof depends on the material used. For instance, asphalt shingles roofs can last for over 20 years, while roofs made of slate and tiles last longer than that. If you’re the first occupant of the house you live in, you can calculate how old the roof is.

If you can’t tell how old your roof is, you can get in touch with professional roofers near me to inspect the roof and check for any underlying problem.


You can also detect some roof problems on a bright day by checking if you can see any sunlight shining via your roof. But you’ll have to go to the roof space to confirm that. Again, if you notice the attic is unusually light, that’s a sign that the roof has grown thin due to wear and tear.

 In such a case, contact a roofer to see if the roof can be repaired or a new one installed. Inspecting your roof regularly helps since some minor problems can be fixed before the roof is completely damaged.


Once a roof is worn out, whole or part of it may sag. That’s a sign that you have a serious problem. A roof can only sag when both the roof and its support structure get worn out. Therefore, you need both a new roof and new rafters as soon as possible before the roof collapses.

A sagging roof can collapse for several reasons, including a heavy storm. Contact a professional roofer to disassemble the roof, add an alternative support system, and install new roofing.

Mold and moss

If your roof has green patches, that’s the growth of mold and moss. Some homeowners opt to clean mold growth, but that doesn’t eliminate the problem. Mold and moss grow on rotting roof calls for the installation of a new roof. In case of such a problem, roofing experts recommend a different roofing material to avoid roof decomposition.

Damaged or missing shingles

Finding a loose single on the roof or in the yard means that your roofing requires fresh installation or fixing. Try not to resolve the situation by yourself, or you may end up sustaining injuries. A skilled roofer can help replace or repair a damaged or loose shingle. If the situation is contained quickly, you prevent further roof destruction.

If you give a blind eye to damaged shingles, water or heat damage may soon destroy your roof support system, and that will require more money to fix.

Granules in the gutter

It’s good to hire experts to inspect your gutters for debris once a year. Debris-like leaves hinder water flow on your roof. If you can see granules in the gutter when cleaning, that’s a red flag as the granules safeguard the shingles on the roof. Once the granules are damaged, heavy rains and storms can destroy your shingles.

Moist ceiling

If you notice moist spots on your ceiling, you shouldn’t wait any longer because water will soon start entering your rooms through the roof. Call a skilled roofer to repair the roof and avoid severe ceiling and roof damage.

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