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Getaway Destinations That Can Help You Destres

The world is increasingly more stressed, and surveys revealed that more people are feeling constantly worried about their regular life. While there are a lot of ways to manage stress, sometimes you just need a good vacation where you can disconnect for a while and bask in the wonders the world has to offer. This list will give you options so you can have a spot to go to whether you want to do fun, stimulating adventures or therapeutic and laidback activities.

  • Alaska

If you’re looking for a saltwater fishing vacation or you want to bask in the sights of enormous glaciers, magnificent whales, wild bison, arctic foxes, and sprawling landscapes. If your idea of destressing is to be stimulated by adventure, go deep fishing, whitewater rafting, or glacier hiking here. Otherwise, you can take it easy by taking a rail tour or going on a boat trip so you can just relax and take in all that the cool peaks have to offer away from the troubles of the populated urban world.

  • Phuket

If you’re looking for quiet beaches where you can listen to the sound of waves crashing and feel the sun on your skin as you lie back on the sand, then your choice would be one of the lesser-known islands in Phuket, Thailand. The area is just popular enough that it is not too risky for tourists to visit, but there are still areas that are tranquil and remote that you won’t feel overwhelmed by too many other people who had the same idea.

  • Bali

Another beautiful tropical escape is Bali, Indonesia. Aside from also having beaches, there are tons of relaxing and culturally stimulating things you can find to do here. The islands have a peaceful feel to them with nature all around, and you can even visit different temples and waterfalls to get that spiritual rejuvenation you may be seeking.

  • Mykonos

Right in Greece, this haunt is a great balance that works for those looking for a quiet nook to find solace as well as those who want to have a party and meet new people. This island has thriving party spots and awesome beaches, but its breezy town also offers refreshing spaces for those who want to just write or read some books with the fresh air all around them. That said, this is the place to be if your way of destressing is dancing it out.

  • Lyon

While more urbanized than the other spots on this list, Lyon is a great place to visit if you plan on going to France. Much more affordable to visit than Paris, this large city is known for its vast offerings on food, with different gastronomic delights to explore. All that can be found in a city filled with beautiful architecture and historical landmarks to visit for creative joy.

It’s important to give yourself some time to recharge in any way you prefer, and visiting other places and exposing yourself to various cultures can do a lot to rejuvenate you.

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