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Top Rewards Credit Cards for Filipinos

In the Philippines, shopping malls and various stores often come up with big sales to entice consumers to buy their products. These kinds of schemes are a big hit for the Filipino people, as they love to shop during these times to find great deals. Sales and promos allow them to get a good item for a more reasonable price—saving them heaps of extra cash.

This is also the reason why a few would like to get their hands on a rewards credit card—such as Citi Rewards Card. It enables to maintain the lifestyle they want without having to break their bank.

The rewards these cards offer differ from each other. They could be air miles that would allow the cardholder more opportunities to travel; they may also be gift certificates to the shops they love to frequent; or they could be promo codes to their favorite restaurants. They could be anything—the point is, you are likely to find one that will best suit you!

To give you more clues, let’s explore some of the top rewards credit cards in the country.

Citi Rewards Card

The Citi Rewards Card has a great deal in store for those who love the brand, Nike Park. Those who will apply and get approved on or before Sept. 30, 2018, will receive a P5000 worth of eGift.

It also has a pretty good rewards system; you could earn 1 point with a minimum purchase of P30. If you’re worried about the installment plan, don’t be. With Citi PayLite Installment Plan, you could break down your purchase in 24 months with the interest rate of 3.50%.

BDO Platinum Mastercard

The BDO Platinum Mastercard provides amazing rewards to those who love to shop in Rustan’s department stores and Rimowa shops!

Qualified cardholders would be able to enjoy a P25000 shopping privilege at Rimowa and a P15000 gift certificate to Rustan’s. The promo period for these is from Feb 1 to Aug 21, 2018, whilst the redemption period is between Mar 1, 2018, to Jan 31, 2019.

HSBC Platinum Visa

The HSBC Platinum Visa has gone all out for the big reward they have this year. Cardholders, who applied and got approved between Feb 16 to Jul 31, 2018, will receive 2 free round-trip economy Cathay Pacific tickets from Clark or Manila to Hong Kong. They just need to spend a minimum of P15,000 between Feb 16 to Sept 30, 2018, on their credit card.

Didn’t make the promo period? Look forward to their next big reward!

AUB Classic Mastercard

The AUB Classic Mastercard has a rewards system that you wouldn’t want to miss. You get 1 point every time you make a minimum purchase of P20 on your card. The best thing about it is that they will never expire! So, you can choose to use them whenever you want. Furthermore, there is a 0% interest rate for all of your new purchases.


As you can see, there are many rewards credit cards in the Philippines that you can take advantage of. It’s really a matter of which one should you choose; the power literally lies in the palm of your hands!

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