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Up Your Eye Game: The Eyebrow Tint Impact

Were you born with naturally thick and perfectly shaped eyebrows? Unfortunately, only a few can say yes. Even then, over time, your eyebrows can take a hit considering the grooming routine. It is among the reasons more people turn to eyebrow pencils, striving to spot fuller, thicker, and outstanding brows, considering their impact on your overall look. But aren’t you tired of the everyday routine, even wish that you could get a more permanent solution to ease your makeup efforts? The process can be overwhelming, and this is where eyebrow tint comes in, providing a more lasting solution to save you more time and hassles while ensuring you spot a striking look.

Why consider tinting?

While looking for ways to improve your eye game, you may have considered treatments like microblading. While safe, the idea of needles poking around may not be as comfortable, not to mention the pressure and potential pain from the treatment. The cost could also be a deterrent. Don’t worry; your efforts to eliminate the daily eyebrow pencil hassles haven’t hit a brick. You can turn to eyebrow tinting, an affordable option that won’t expose you to lengthy or painful treatment.

Eyebrow tint offers a cost-effective, more straightforward, efficient, and painless solution to your eye game. This is more so considering seasons such as summer or activities like exercising or sports. During such moments, makeup takes a hit from all the sweating. In other settings, such as relaxing on vacations, swimming, or simply sitting by the pool or sea, your makeup can also fall short. With the tint, such concerns won’t ruin your perfect looks since the results last without needing constant care. As you consider tinting your eyebrows, here are a few pointers to ensure you get it right.

The shade

As you shop for the best eyebrow tint, the shade is arguably the most important check. The last thing you want is a shade that looks out of place. Sure, you want the eyebrows to stand out, but the best way is to pick a shade that complements your hair and skin tone, not competes. The shade can stick out like a sore thumb if it competes with your natural tone. This can do more harm than good, an awful appearance that could beat the bold look you wanted to create. Here is an example of how you can ensure you pick a shade that complements your natural looks.

  • Brunette: A darker shade than your hair color complements the coolness and warmth of your natural looks. A shade that is 1-2 darker is ideal.
  • Blonde: Blondes typically have light eyebrows that can disappear in the bright looks of the hair color. Go for a more dramatic look with a 1-2 shades darker tint, making the light blonde brows pop up.
  • Redhead: Ideal shade should complement the strawberry hair using a warm, dark, blonde tint. If you spot deep red hair, go for a copper-toned eyebrow tint.

Why not just use the hair dye?

You might be tempted to use the hair color on your brows, but this can backfire in many ways. The hair dye is not formulated with sensitive skin close to your eyes in mind. The eyebrows aren’t as tough as the hair on your head, too, meaning that the dye won’t offer natural-looking results. You could also be exposed to serious injuries besides irritating the skin and ruining your brows. For instance, if the hair dye gets into your eye, it can lead to blindness, considering how strong it is and the delicate nature of your eyes.

The right product

As you shop for the best eyebrow tinting products, the trick is to consider the ingredients. Plant-based dyes are the best, including for sensitive skin types. Also, ensure that the products don’t have hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. Check the description and ensure the dye is clinically tested. Gentle and innovative dye formulation kicks safety to the next level, but it is always safe to do an allergy test as you prepare. The best products offer a hassle-free application kit and use directions. You can be done within as few as 2 minutes and enjoy excellent results lasting for weeks.

Eyebrow tinting is a game-changer, especially with DIY kits. It eliminates the need for multiple visits to the salon or microblading as you look for ways to cut penciling out of your makeup routine.

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