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Value Added Service For Improved Real Estate Software Productivity 

Real estate software comes in handy as it helps to improve efficiency, increase income and fill the available vacancies faster. Proper creation of the software enables it to function well to meet the needs of the property owners and give them a huge return on investment. It, therefore, becomes vital to engage an expert real estate software provider to create and manage the software that best fits the client’s real estate software needs. SoftPro is an experienced and the most trusted real estate closing, title, and escrow software provider, making it the industry leader in providing real estate software solutions.

The real estate software products get provided with the client in mind, with data getting entered once and carried throughout the application. In addition, several modules enable the building of a product that suits the unique client title search software needs making them get the best from the software. The software is a fully integrated closing, title, and escrow production system which gets uniquely tailored to provide every real estate owner with maxim returns and seamless flow of their services. The software comes with several additives which improve its efficiency, such as:

Annual Software Maintenance

For the software to function properly, it becomes necessary to do maintenance and correct any default within the system. Defaults within the system make it fail to work properly, affecting real estate efficiency. The service providers have a professional support team who performs annual software maintenance to improve its effectiveness. Some benefits include unlimited toll-free telephone support where the team responds to customer queries on call and even gets leads. The team comes fully experienced and handles clients professionally, being a brand ambassador for the client. Also, clients get an automatic software update that keeps their title search software documents in complete compliance with RESPA/IRS regulations. The regular software updates include feature enhancements and customer suggestion implementations.


Consultations provide a clear understanding of the products and services provided, enabling the client to determine how best to benefit from the services. The title search software consulting gets provided to enhance the knowledge of the software and enables the client to utilize the software to their benefit fully. The skilled professionals analyze the client’s business processes and workflow, providing them with supply recommendations for their use of the application. The consultations can either be done onsite or hourly, depending on the client’s choice. The onsite consultations allow the consultant to work with the management and user for a specific number of days, whereas hourly consultations get used for specific topi requests.

Reconciliation reports and services

The title search software professionals provide clients with account reconciliation services that meet ALTA Best Practice compliance. The proper training undergone by the professionals enables them to provide real estate clients with an expert service that meets their real estate reconciliation reports, and services need either daily or monthly three-way reconciliation. The teams view the clients’ trust account making sure it synchronized with their monthly bank activity, providing state and underwriters required reconciliation reports. When it comes to fraud protection, the daily trust account reconciliation works effectively, alerting clients in case of any irregularities in their trust accounts. The whole process provides clients with peace of mind enabling them to focus their time on other aspects of the business.

Custom development 

Regardless of the company’s size, the title search software professionals have the skills and expertise to provide the right solutions for the business. The custom development team expertly builds solutions tailored uniquely for the client business to make it run very efficiently. The custom development projects include CRM integration, legacy software integration, third-party accounting integration, data import for order or template creation, and more. Every aspect of the custom developments gets done precisely to enable the client to get the best out of the software.

Custom reports and docs

The title search software application enables clients to produce a document for their data transaction or retype without leaving the application. The client sends a sample of their MS Excel file or Word doc and a brief description of their reporting needs. Once the information is shared, the professionals contact the client with the questions to further understand their business needs and provide them with a quote.

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