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Watch Rocky Fielding VS Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez

In less than a week to this time, the whole world will be watching as Rocky Fielding takes on Saul Alvarez in what is to be one of the biggest fights this year. Everything is already set for this showpiece event to go down – the stage, the fighters and the tense atmosphere.

So that you don’t miss the game, here is a lowdown on everything you should look forward to.

When is the fight?

The date has been set and confirmed for Fielding to match Canelo on the 15th of December. The place will be the Madison Square Gardens – home to many epic fights in the past, further lending credence to the fact that this would be one of the most interesting fights to watch this year.

What is the prize?

We will leave the money prize to both boxers and their reps to sort out.

Besides the financial rewards, both fighters will be looking to take home the WBA World Super Middleweight Championship belt.

This will mean a lot to Alvarez who already has a WBA and WBC middleweight championship titles, and would be looking to add yet another to his name. Same goes for Rocky who would like to make his mark on his opponent and claim the ultimate prize.

Who is the better fighter?

To be candid, this is going to be a tough one.

If we are to judge based on experience, Canelo would be the obvious choice. He has stepped into the rings 53 times in his professional wrestling career and has only succumbed to a loss once.

Even though he also has two draws on his record, he has been able to win the rest of his games. Such is his ferociousness in the ring that his opponents have been made to taste his KO no less than 34 times.

The force would also be on his side, giving as he pipped Golovkin in his last match to claim the belts mentioned above. That is not to mention that he has age on his side, being some three years younger than Fielding.

Speaking of, the 31-year old Fielding has managed an impressive 28 fights too, but that is nowhere near what his opponent has surmounted. Even though he also has a loss to his name, Rocky is known to have never drawn in his professional career.

He is likewise something of a clinical finisher, sending 15 of his past opponents to the mat in KO moves. Age might not be on his side, and experience might be lacking too, but that does nothing when the will is there.

Both fighters provide a unique style to their fighting. It is only left to see which will reign supreme on the D-day

How to watch the Fielding vs Canelo match

There are a couple of viewing options in place, especially for those who would not be ring-side on that day.

The obvious pick for may would be to go with cable TV. However, blackouts may happen on cable, and this service will not be available to people travelling/ living outside of the US at the time of the fight. That is not to mention that cable can get quite expensive too.

We recommend catching the Alvarez vs Fielding live stream on a supported application instead. For those outside the US, this is how you can stream boxing with a VPN:

  • Grab a VPN
  • Connect to a server location in the US and
  • Stream the game as if you were in the States too.

That grants you a no-holds barred access.

If the game has been blacked out in your region, the method above will also work for you. Simply connect to a server location where the game is being broadcasted and you’re good to go.

Wrap Up

Pumped? We bet you are. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on how great this matchup is going to be till the day when it happens, shall we?

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