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The Benefits of Using a Wine Decanter

Wine is a drink that should be enjoyed, and the best way to get the most out of a bottle of wine is decanting. If you wish to impress your friend when they come over for dinner or you’d like to add a bit of elegance to your next event, decanting wine is the way to go. Decanting is the process of slowly pouring the wine from its bottle into a container without unsettling the sediment at the bottom.

What Type of Wines Can You Decant?

If you don’t know much about decanting wine, there are plenty of useful articles online that can help you learn more about the process. When it comes to decanting wine, all types of wine can transfer into glass decanters. Red wine, white wine and even some roses can be decanted to improve the taste. You’ll find that nearly all types of wines will benefit from decanting, even if only done for a few minutes. Here are some wines that should definitely be decanted to improve the taste:

  • Burgundy
  • Bordeaux
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Malbec

The only wines that you shouldn’t decant are sparkling wines such as Champagne. Decanting these wines will take away their bubbles, the same as when a soda drink goes flat if left out for too long.

Advantages of Decanting Wine

If you are unfamiliar with the advantages of decanting wine, keep reading to learn more about the benefits.

Problems with a broken cork – On occasion, a cork will break inside the neck of a bottle, leaving pieces of solid matter in your wine glass when you pour. The cork will float to the neck of the wine glass and disperse unwanted bits into your glass. Instead of pouring from the bottle, you can decant the wine using a strainer. This way you avoid getting any extra compounds in your drink.

Getting rid of the sediment – One of the main reasons to decant your wine is to separate the sediment from the liquid. All wine has some degree of sediment at the base of the bottle, red wines contain the most, especially vintage ports and older wines. Although sediment isn’t harmful, when consumed it leaves an unpleasant taste in your mouth. If you really want to enjoy your wine, it is better to decant and separate the sediment.

Improve the flavour – Did you know that decanting a wine bottle enhances the flavour? Decanting is just for show, it helps the wine to breath by introducing oxygen to the liquid. It allows gases to be released, making the wine taste more appealing. You’ll be pleased with the new scent of aromas that are released from the bottle when you transfer the wine.

If you are just learning to appreciate the difference between wines, you should learn how to decant a bottle. The art of knowing each wine takes extensive knowledge, the more you experiment the more you’ll learn about each type. If you wish to get a true taste from your wine bottle, decanting is a must for all wine lovers.

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