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What Is Another Name For View Master, And What Does It Do?

View-Masters were invented a few decades ago, and they worked as an image viewer for users. One could see images of various tourist places from the world in 3D. Later on, the technology-used for another name for view master improved and let the holder see pictures in 3D more clearly.

A view-master typically uses seven pairs of stereoscopic color photographs to make the image clear and bright. The reel used in the view-master is made of metal and is shaped like a disc. Once the user pushes the button of the view-master, the frame shows the next image.

3D Image Viewer

Wondering what’s another name for View-Master? They call them 3D image viewers that help kids and anyone else sees images of various monuments across the globe. The images added in the 3D Image viewer are of high quality, but they also vary drastically from the traditional ones.

Today, brands also give their customers customized 3D Image Viewers with the images of their products. Moreover, restaurants often also use them as a menu card for various dishes they serve. The exciting part about a 3D image viewer is, one can have it made for themselves.

The 3D image viewers were also used to educate adults about various things, and children adored them as toys. Even today, these toys are popular among a large group of people.

Talking or Speaking View-Master

Talking or Speaking View-Master is another name for View-Master of the second generation.

Companies further enhanced the view-master and made it in such a way that it could talk now. This transformation of the antique toy became famous amongst kids. Speakers power the Talking ability of the View-master, and the need for batteries increased its size as well.

The voice recorders in the Talking view-master are made of plastic to ensure that the toy doesn’t feel too heavy. The toy features two buttons; one is for changing the photo while the other is to change the music. The more advanced speaking view-master also features a headphone jack.

3D Pocket Viewer

In recent times, View-Master is also called a 3D Pocket Viewer. Unlike traditional pocket viewers, 3D Pocket Viewer is easy to use and comes loaded with various pictures of leaders and cities. These 3D Pocket viewers, however, function similarly like a View-Master.

The makers have made some minor changes to the pocket viewer to make it different and appealing. Some makers even customize the size of 3D Pocket Viewers to make them fit easily in the pocket. These minor tweaks with the lever and buttons of the view-master made them attractive and looked better.


There are view-masters of all sorts today, and makers call them with various names. Each view-master, though, functions on the same technique, but their functions tend to differ a lot.

The original variant of a view-master had discs made of metal, and today, such discs are rare to find. The brands today also offer customized view-master for customers.

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