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The Hidden Truth Behind The AS/400hosting Still Being in Demand

The advancement in technology certainly has done many wonders. There are so many small and large companies that now look forward to better cloud hosting where the best storage can be used for data security. Talking of which the IBM power systems bring the as400 hosting which is one of the trending IBM series. It has been even known for better stability, great performance, and dependability. But since the enterprise cloud services have been replacing the online ERP, some people have considered AS400 hosting a platform for better upgrades. With such a hosting platform, it has led many companies to improve the overall infrastructure facilities.

Companies using AS/400

Over the new options that have emerged, as400 hosting is quite a common one. As per the iDatalabs, the hardware of IBM has been used by nearly 10% of the companies that have their respective service. That is why it is said to be one of the popular server types after the server of HP to date. There are two kinds of operating systems that are associated quite closely with the IBM hardware. Out of this, quite many companies are using the I operating system of IBM.

With this type of hosting platform being popular in the high-tech industries, it is more commonly used for computer software, manufacturing, and information technology. Some companies across the world also use it such as the American Pharmacy and health care giant like Indian retail chain which is why it has more than 385 of the midmarket companies working along. To be precise, irrespective of the size of the organizations, this hosting platform is well used to date.

What is AS/400 Used For?

The architecture of the as400 hosting is done especially for the ERP and some other mission-critical tasks. In industries that need quite a reliability like manufacturing, the use of such hosting service can be bliss. The system of IBM is known more to be used by the SAP users and the competing database management solutions like the Oracle database.

In today’s time, this type of hosting has the architecture that offers the cloud solution contributing to better growth. It works well with the channel partners such as the secure 24 that implements the solution of as400 for different applications.

It is possible to use this hosting for anything at this point. However, there are some cases where it may be required in other deployments. The manufacturing company may have hybrid hoisting as400 to offer low latency while there could be a retailer which can offer an advantage from the scalability and cost control of the solution that is cloud-based.

The reason that makes AS/400 still in use

The performance and reliability are two aspects of the as400 hosting which is why it is still in demand. It offers massive hardware while there is also the bulletproof solution at the upper side of the server line. Being high performing with a CPU that is literally 5 times stronger over competitors, there is no doubt that such hoisting is worth the try.

For the applications such as SAP hosting that need quite a high performance and less downtime, this IBM series is worth it. Besides, it also supports different operating systems such as IBM, SUSE, and even AIX to name some. Whether it is the reliability, entry-level system, or cost-friendly solution, certainly as400 is the best hosting option to choose. However, it is always better to understand all its features and advantages in depth to be sure if it can meet the expectations.


There has been quite a lot of fall in the cloud hosting price over some time now. In such a case the IBM as400 hosting is said to be still one of the finest options. It offers good IT support to the companies who have been switching to the cloud. Certainly, because of such a hosting platform, more companies are looking forward to being a part of such an IBM power system solution. Even if the competition over quite some time has increased to a great extent, there is no doubt that it is still one of the best options that many companies prefer till date.

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